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Dry seafood to eat lotus dress can be used anytime, anywhere?

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In addition, the shelf life is long, usually 6 months to 1 year depending on the product and the storage is simple. Here are some common suggestions to show the convenience of the product!
Bring along when going on a picnic
The instant dried seafood of Dam Sen Seafood is prepared food, can be eaten immediately with convenient packaging and packaging. Especially, it is the perfect product for the followers of seafood when going on a picnic. Just choose, and put them into your backpack, take it to the picnic gently. With the fish lovers, you can choose Crispy Steamed Rice to eat Dam Sen, Rim Grouper fish to eat in Dam Sen, Moi Mai Sesame Fish, Grilled Cut Fish with Dam Sen, Instant Roasted Tomato Fish. Dam Sen, Dam Dam fish with garlic Dam Sen ... With your believers Ink, you can choose the squid Rim Me Dam Sen, Dam Sen squid crispy instant noodles, spiced squid. If anyone is addicted to the crunchy crunchy sound, which is rich in flavor, then you can choose the Crab Instant Milk Milk, Crispy Crab Crab. Instant rice straw can be combined with white sticky rice, bread, white rice for main meal without many processing conditions.
Snacks at the office
Among office snacks, instant dried seafood is the most indispensable and popular dish is the rim squid. It can be said that the marinated spice is special, addictive, both salty and sweet and spicy but not too much to eat and play is the key to this dish. Besides the beautiful design, sure and long shelf life is also the choice factor of the office world, because it is convenient to bring to the company and easy to store.
Gifts from long trips
When away, people often hesitate to bring gifts because of the bulky and difficult storage. But with products from Dam Sen Seafood such as rim squid, fish rim, ..., the problem is too easy to solve. Because Dam Sen Seafood products have a lot of dry and ready-to-eat products, through the process of drying and soaking, it is easy to carry them, while preserving for up to 1 year, so it can be used as a gift during the trip. go far.
Serve with other food quickly at home
When the work is too busy, you have to go back late and find out in the fridge is empty; Keep a ready-to-eat dried seafood jar. Just wash rice to cook rice, wait for a few minutes, then eat with dried seafood without pre-processing, too great! The ink of Dam Sen Seafood is a great suggestion, very suitable for white rice! If luckily there are few vegetables, boil or cook soup. So you have a meal full of ingredients and essential nutrients.

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